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Private Cloud and Data Center

LiteCloud’s Private Cloud and Data Center Solutions offer customers of all sizes an enterprise-class solution at a fraction of the cost. With managed hosting services in Maryland, Virginia and the surrounding area, customers have the ability to leverage our best-in-class compute and flash accelerated storage. LiteCloud’s certified engineering staff has implemented a highly available computing architecture strategically virtualized and secured for single or multi-tenant operations. Key Benefits include:

Best-in-Class Intel Powered Servers

  • Intel Processors
  • High-speed Memory
  • All-Flash Storage
  • Redundant 10Gbps Network Backbone
  • N+1 Redundant Power Supplies
  • N+1 Redundant Cooling Fans
  • Fully Managed and Monitored

Best-in-Class SAN and NAS Solutions

  • High-Availability Deployment
  • Multi-Petabyte Capacity
  • Tiered Storage Options – NL, SAS, SSD (Flash)
  • 10Gbps Ethernet Storage
  • Dedicated Storage Network
  • Snapshots
  • Secure Multi-tenancy

Secure Cloud-Services Network

  • High-Availability Network Design
  • Non-blocking 10Gbps Network Backbone
  • Each Customer on a Dedicated VLAN
  • Firewall and VPN Security
  • Direct access to Wide Area Networks

LiteCloud’s Virtual Private Cloud Service

The LiteCloud Virtual Private Cloud gives customers compute power delivered through dedicated resource pools within our secure multi-tenant infrastructure. Computing resources, including vCPU and vRAM, are provisioned and reserved based on customer needs. Secure multi-tenant storage technologies allow for virtual SAN resources to be provisioned on a per-customer basis. Dedicated customer network VLANs are provisioned to our customer’s private virtual data center, and we offer dedicated firewall solutions to protect from outside threats. Compute and storage can rapidly be adjusted to meet the performance, availability, and growth requirements of your business.

Key Benefits

  • ESXi Enterprise Plus
  • High-Availability Clusters (VMware HA)
  • Ability to upload your own VMs
  • Ability to convert Physical Servers to Virtual Servers (P2V)
  • vCloud Connector to allows customer to merge internal and hosted virtual Data Centers
  • VMware vSheild Edge for secure access to Multi-tenant environment (Firewall, IPsec VPN, Load Balancer)
  • Virtual Private Cloud – Dedicated VLANs, any IP subnets, L2 connectivity to your Internal Data Center
  • Several Operating Systems to choose from to include: Windows (2008R2, 2012), Linux, Solaris, and Many more

LiteCloud Inc.’s data center is a leader among IT solutions providers. With cloud services and managed hosting services in the Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas, businesses can rest assured that all data will remain secure. Find out how we can help your business today.