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LiteCloud Residential Fiber Optic Internet 

Fiber Internet – Better Performance, Better Price, Better Service!
Get faster, more reliable high-speed Internet with LiteCloud Residential Fiber Optic Internet. Our symmetrical (equal upload and download speed) fiber-optic bandwidth connection will give you better, more consistent Internet performance for all your wired and Wi-Fi devices. No other provider can give you this!

Why LiteCloud Fiber instead vs. “The Other Guy”

    • Fiber Internet – State-of-the-art fiber optics for best in class data speeds up to 2000 MBPS.
    • No Contracts – Simple, straight forward pricing with no gimmicks, contract, or hidden fees. Ever.
    • Dependable Fiber Service – Uninterrupted connections and dedicated bandwidth
    • Simple to Use – Easy setup, no maintenance, and available WiFi coverage for your whole family.
    • Future-proof – Your home is getting smarter and more connected every day. Our network will grow with you.
    • Faster Downloads – And uploads, too! Work, learn surf, chat, call, conference, and game easier than ever.
    • Unmatched Service – Support available when you need it and next day hardware replacement.

Time to Get Moving – Faster More Reliable Internet

Residential Internet – Terms of Service
Residential Internet – Acceptable Use Policy

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