Our Network

Our Network Close Up Image, Cloud Services, Baltimore, MD - LiteCloud, Inc.

LiteCloud had built our Baltimore backbone with the focus on service to our customers.  Too many times we have heard “OUR INTERNET SUCKS” and Baltimore “NEEDED” a customer-focused alternative to expensive big name providers that lacked the customer service to meet their needs.  Our team has worked hard to develop a state-of-the art optical transport network and Internet service that spans over 20 route miles in Baltimore City and we are rapidly growing.  Our network features include the following:

  • 100% Underground
    Our fiber-optic network is 100% underground, protected from weather elements and other above-ground aerial hazards, thereby increasing reliability.
  • 100% Fiber-Optics
    We have no copper or wireless in our network, we have a 100% optical network. This makes a BIG positive difference in performance, reliability, and quality of service. This allows us to scale bandwidth as needed.
  • Ring Architecture
    Our network is designed as a self-healing redundant ring, our network can automatically recover from failures in less than 50 milliseconds by reversing its path to reach a destination point on the other side if there is ever a break in the connection.
  • Multiple Internet Connections
    By linking to several different Internet service providers in separate data centers across our network, we overcome the risk of possible interruptions caused by any one provider.
  • Access to best-in-class Data Centers, Carrier Hotels, & Public Cloud Services
    We have worked to ensure presence in all the major multi-tenant data centers and carrier hotels in the region.  We have worked to expand service to the Equinix data centers in Ashburn, VA for connectivity to public clouds such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google.
  • Baltimore City Location 
    Baltimore City is our home. We want to improve our City by providing world-class service to our neighbors. Located close to many private businesses, government and educational institutions, our network is likely nearby and our Operations Center is staffed and readyt – just waiting for your connection!

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